Here at All Weather Patios, we have a 6 year guarantee on workmanship and 15 year structural warranty in place for our clients. All quotes once accepted come under our general terms and conditions policy.

6 year – Workmanship Guarantee

This covers you from any mistakes or issues that arise after the installation.

Our 6 year workmanship guarantee ensures we will fix any water leaks related to the patio only – not your house, any rattles, sags, tears or other issues relative to this labor assurance if it occurs within the first 6 years following installation. Modifications or additions to the patio by the owner without permission will void this guarantee.

15 year – Structural Warranty

This 15-year structural warranty covers you once the patio has reached practical completion. This warranty will apply to structural defects in the load-bearing portions of the patio, to which affect the load-bearing functions of the patio to the point it becomes unsafe or unusable. Modifications or additions to the patio by the owner without permission will void this warranty.

We exclusively use BnD powder coaters in Landsdale for all of our powder coating needs, any issues that arise with powder coating we are happy to engage with them on your behalf however we are not directly liable for their work or assistance

We also have manufacturer warranties in place from suppliers which can be found in the information below:





*Please note that failure to maintain the patio as per the care and maintenance instructions will void any of these warranties with the suppliers*