Dome patios require specialist construction methods as there more to it than the basic Gable design. We insist on installing a custom box guttering system to your house side so that no extra water goes into your existing house gutters, its all completely self contained and directed to the outer downpipes on the patio posts.

The use of Polycarbonate roofing sheets is generally the way to go with the Dome style, however we can source custom rolled Colorbond sheets to use instead if you would prefer the reduction in heat transmission in comparison. We can also source the superior heat reflective Suntuf, Solasafe, Lexan and all other makes of Polycarbonate sheeting at your request.

All Dome patios can have the Lexan multiwall sheets used as infill on the truss’s, we use curved corner moulds on these outer sides to compliment the neatness of the rest of the patio.