The standard setback for patios in most shires is usually 1.0m. Theres is the option of having the roofline finish 750mm back with the posts of the patio coming back to a 1.0m. You can also build right out to 500mm if you have permission from your next door neighbour, who will need to submit a letter stating their approval of your proposed structure. Furthermore, areas longer than 9 metres in length may also need neighbours comments.

Depending on your local shire regulations, you can come as close as 3 metres to your letterbox or boundary equivalent. The measurement do change slightly from shire to shire to this needs to be verified before applying for individual licence,

Our gable patios usually work on a pitch of 20 degrees but can be made to suit your requirements, example: to match the pitch of your house roof.

In most cases we are able to cut your pavers to suit where the new posts, but take no responsibility for cracked pavers and slabs. Areas covered in large concrete slabs usually are cut out as close as possible to the post shape and do not need further filling.

We include shire approval in all of our quotes unless the client has expressed otherwise. The actual shire approval usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks depending on your local shire regulations.

Depending on the job size and complexity it can take anywhere between 1 and 10 days. The complexity of the structure really determines how long it takes to build it.

Yes, the quote is subject to a clear worksite, as we will not move spa’s, fridges, and other large furniture unless otherwise pointed out to us, prior to commencing the work.

All structural steel and roofing materials are applied by a Dulux powderoating agent, and as such their full range of colours are available. This is additional to the traditional Colorbond range of colours which can be viewed at www.bhp.com.au

In the Colorbond range of sheeting we can offer any of the range of BHP profiles, the most popular being Trimdeck or Corrugated sheeting. We can also offer the full range of Polycarbonate sheeting profiles, depending on what your specific job requires.

A Zinc-rich primer is a special coating that is applied before the powdercoating takes place and acts as an extra barrier against rusting and corrusion.You would need this coating if your are living in a coastal area or a salt water reserve example: The swan river, next to the beach etc.

To let the most amount of light into a specific area, you must be aware of a few points. Wonderglass sheeting has the highest rating of UV protection, and also lets in adequate lighting for any given area. Polycarbonate sheeting lets in a fraction more light, however more heat is transfered through the sheet, meaning the area underneath the patio because hotter to sit under, when compared to the Wonderglass sheet. Wonderglass sheeting also carries a Lifetime warranty against any delaminating and cracking.

All of our footings are concrete and are 500x500x600 in size. We also use bolts at the bottom of our posts to ensure they cannot lift out of the ground incase of a storm or heavy rain. We can also modify footings to suit limestone retaining walls or concrete slabs.

We do not have any salesman, secretaries, outside contractors or office workers. The person who comes out to quote on the job, will be the one doing everything from the shire approvals right through to installing the patio.